Special Character Reflection

By Maliza and Pippa | Posted: Wednesday October 26, 2022

Good morning everyone and a happy Thursday!

It is nearing the end for the year 13s here at Kavanagh College. It has been an amazing year and we wish every single one of you the best on your next step in life into your new journey outside of Kavanagh College. Keep God in your heart and he will guide you down the right path. Good luck and may you each keep standing by your friends supporting them through their lives.

As exam time is looming for seniors we want to keep them in our thoughts and prayers as they go into their final exams. 


As I prepare for this examination,
Let your strength and your wisdom
Be present to me.
May I revise my work thoroughly.
May I understand what it is I have to know.
May my memory be reliable and orderly.
May I be calm and focused on the task ahead.
May I know and feel the love and support of my family and friends.
And may you, the author and creator of all things, enlighten me.
Through Christ our Lord,

Hope you all have a great week and stay healthy and safe. Remember to be kind to one another and always love one another.

God Bless,

Your Special Character Prefects, Pippa & Maliza