Can trail, 'Survive-a-Slum' and 'Wear to Care Mufti' events to take place in Week 1 of Term 4.

By Sarah Henderson | Posted: Sunday September 22, 2019

Caritas held it's annual Social Justice Week during the 8-14th of September. Kavanagh is holding three events in the first week back of Term 4 to raise awareness for Social Justice week.

Can trail - Wednesday 16th October. During lunchtime there will be a trail of non-perishable canned food set up for each house in the Mercy Yard. Students can bring a can and add it to their house's trail. There will be house points up for grabs for the longest trail. 

Survive-a-slum - Thursday 17th - Friday 18th October - The Head students and Service/Social Justice prefects will set up a cardboard slum in the Dominican Yard (outside the back of the main office) and have very little food over the 24 hours. Survive a Slum gives students a chance to experience something millions of families in the world do every day – live without a home, comfort or regular meals. 

Friday 18th October - We will have a 'wear to care' mufti day. We ask students to leave their labelled clothes at home and wear old/unfashionable clothing to show solidarity for those in our world who don't have branded possessions many of us are lucky to have. Students are asked to bring a gold coin which will go to Caritas.