The Addams Family

By Tor Devereux | Posted: Wednesday March 15, 2023

There are 10 lead roles in The Addams Family and the students who have been cast in these are working super hard at the moment to learn their lines and their songs.

The Addams Family:

Gomez - Jack Be
Morticia - Anamika Jones
Wednesday - Phoebe Harris
Pugsley - Leo Branford
Uncle Fester - Sam Kelly
Grandma - Amalie Latton
Lurch - Christopher Caulton

The Beineke Family:

Mal - Oliver Lodge
Alice - Meila McCartney
Lucas - Grzegorz Twardowski

The musical is a great way for students from across the whole school to come together with Year 7s through to Year 13s involved in the show. Being able to meet so many people is one of the things that Jack enjoys about rehearsals - “I can easily walk up to any of the cast or crew members and have a great chat about anything.”

Oliver also appreciates the camaraderie that develops amongst the cast when you’re working on a production like this - “I love rehearsals because it's a fun group of people to work and hang out with. We all work together and everyone brings something different to the group. We also have a great group of teachers who do so much for us.”

There are some very interesting characters in The Addams Family which makes it a really fun show for the students to be part of. Phoebe describes the personality of her character, Wednesday Addams, as “very dark and mysterious and a little awkward at times, but she also has a very loving side to her as well which is really fun to play with on stage.” Something that Leo (who plays Wednesday’s younger brother Pugsley) finds very weird about his character is how much he loves to be tortured, but “it’s very fun to act it”, he adds.

According to Meila, her character Alice has an unusual habit of speaking in rhyme and she “admits during her confession that she is unhappy with the status of her marriage and longs for the fun-loving spouse Mal she once knew.” You’ll have to come along to the show to find out why she suddenly discloses this and what happens afterwards!

The Addams Family performances will take place 23-26 May 2023 - half way through next term. Keep an eye out each week for more information about the show.

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