Special Character Reflection

By Georgia and Ravija | Posted: Tuesday September 5, 2023

Hey Trinity!! Welcome back to week 8 of the newsletter.

We hope your 8th week of term 3 has gone by fabulously! May it have been filled with exciting new beginnings, inspiring challenges, and remarkable achievements. Finally it is coming back into the warmer days of the year, how good!

This week is social justice week. Social Justice Week in New Zealand is a yearly event that aims to raise awareness and promote discussions about various social justice issues in the country. During this week, people come together to address issues such as inequality, discrimination, poverty, human rights and environmental justice. The week provides a platform for individuals and groups to engage in meaningful conversations, share experiences, and explore ways to create positive change in society.

Image by: Caritas Aotearoa NZ

Back at the end of term 2, the year 13’s had their own social justice project which was to sleep overnight at school in cardboard boxes, we did this to raise awareness of the disasters in Fiji.

Loving God, E te Atua Aroha, I praise Your name and good works.

Your mercy, magnificence, and majesty are unmatched.

Please protect my family against anything that can hurt or tear us apart.

Grant us your love and peace.

And may Your light and peace continue to shine in our hearts forevermore.


Have a great rest of the week and have a fabulous last few weeks of Term 3!!

Enjoy the weekend and see y’all back next week!