Message from Otago Regional Council re buses

By ORC | Posted: Wednesday November 15, 2023

This is particularly important for students who are heading to exams.

Buses will be very busy this Friday 17 November.

More than 7,000 cruise ship passengers will arrive into Dunedin this Friday.

Buses will be super busy so to reduce the impact Otago Regional Council has:

  • added 9 additional bus trips between Port Chalmers – where the cruise ships dock - and central city during peak hours
  • added extra marshalls in Port Chalmers and at the Bus Hub to help direct tourists
  • added a ticket seller in the library at Port Chalmers and outside Centre City New World in Dunedin to sell bus tickets to tourists
  • made sure buses will depart Port Chalmers and Dunedin central with capacity available for further stops
  • provided messaging for tourists to direct them to the right bus stops

On Friday, additional buses will be provided for Port Chalmers, meaning a bus will depart every 15 minutes between 8.30-10.30am and return to the city from port every 15 minutes between 3-5pm.

While this will help, it will still be a very busy day and people throughout the city may experience queues and wait times for buses.

Remember to use your Bee Card, and please allow more time for travelling. If you can, consider taking the bus outside peak times or hop on at earlier stops when possible.