Understanding Attendance in the Edge App

By Staff | Posted: Tuesday May 7, 2024

If you check in on your child's attendance during the day on their timetable, there will be different colours depending on attendance data.

Sometimes caregivers are confused by the text that may be sent during the day claiming a pupil is absent so this is an interpretation of each colour. If the lesson is in blue, it means the teacher has not yet submitted their roll. If it is green, the student is present in class. Orange (looks a bit yellow in the image) means the student was late to class. A red means the student was not present in the class.

Red does not necessarily mean the student was truant as it may be red for several different reasons, including legitimate ones such as being on a school trip or doing something school-related. Attendance data is recorded in two ways, being at school (which includes all legitimate school-related absences) and being present in the class itself. If they are not physically in the classroom, all codes will indicate red on this app. 

We appreciate this may feel confusing and hopefully your child is keeping you informed about what is happening during their day. They do not have their cellphones on them so if you notice a red and are unsure of why, emailing them is best or finding out at home that night. If we as a school don't know why, it is coded with a ? and you will receive a text. These are normally sent mid-morning and early afternoon.

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