Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award

This award is open to all students from the age of 14. It is a self-directed programme with support from the school particularly around the adventurous journey. It has four sections - service, physical recreation, skills, and adventurous journey. Detailed information can be found on their website. At Trinity Catholic College, the award is co-ordinated by Rachel Mortimer and David Sole. Students enrol online and log all entries on their phone so it is a simple process. 

Outdoor Education

Year 8
Students head off to Camp Columba at the end of Year 8 to participate in a week of physical challenges including abseiling, climbing, walking, ropes and zip lines to name just a few.

Year 10
Students at the end of Year 10 embark on a week-long camp as part of the Health & Physical Education programme at Trinity Catholic College. They can choose to participate in one of the following camps:

  • A bit of everything held at Cromwell and Bannockburn
  • Horse Riding held up the Cardona Valley
  • Mountain Biking in Naseby
  • Rock Climbing in Wanaka
  • Tramping in the Fiordland National Park
  • Surfing at Curio Bay