Year 7 - 9 Option Subjects

Each of the four options is for five hours a fortnight for one semester (two terms).  

Students complete four options each year, two options in Semester 1 (Terms 1 and 2), and the other two in Semester 2 (Terms 3 and 4).

In choosing these options, students and parents are reminded that Year 7 – 9 is a time for choice, challenge and opportunity.  Much of the overall learning programme is covered in the six compulsory core subjects.   

We are keen to encourage our students to continue to have as much breadth as possible in their learning.  This is a time to experiment with choice.  There is no problem with choosing something to try for one semester only.   Students are encouraged to choose some option subjects that may support their leisure interests.  

Please note that each of these courses is designed to be stand-alone, for example, students do not have to study one Art course before the other. The exception to this is the languages where the expectation is that students who are intending to study either language in year 10 should complete the 1 & 2 courses in order prior to the end of Year 9.

Students must choose a total of four options with at least one from the Arts Column and at least one from the Technology Column each year.  Te Reo Māori must be chosen once in these three years. This course is Te Whakatōtanga.



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Design and Visual Communication

Digital Technology



Maori Studies


Technology - Hard Materials

Technology - Textile Design

Technology - Food and Nutrition