Year 10 Core Subjects

In Year 10, students are placed in mixed ability tutor classes in which they cover all of their core subjects: Religious Education, English, Health & Physical Education, Mathematics, Science and Social Inquiry. Their mathematics class is streamed based on performance in Year 9 and some students will undertake Level 1 NCEA Mathematics. 

In most core subjects in Year 10, students will have the opportunity to sit some NCEA Level 1 achievement standards. This gives them some familiarity with the national qualification system. 

There is also scope for extension of those individuals who have particular gifts and talents and, for those who need extra support in their learning, there is aid offered.

The students sit examinations at the end of each year so that they gain some experience in learning to study as well as sitting an assessment longer than one hour. 

The following link shows the various options that are available to Year 10 students. They choose three options and study each of them for 5 hours per fortnight for the entire year. 

 Year 10 Option Subjects