Learning Support

The Learning Support (LS) Department comprises a LENCO, full time Learning Support Coordinator (LSC) and a number of both full time and part time Learning Assistants (LA). As a team we are committed to providing a meaningful journey for some of our most vulnerable students during their time at Trinity Catholic College.

We are dedicated to the individual needs of our students and their whānau and work alongside both the Ministry of Education and other outside agencies in order to coordinate and provide tailored support for our varied learners. We try to balance small group accelerated learning opportunities with regular classroom support from our experienced, caring Learning Assistants so that students can find success and build on this within their classroom.

In 2021 we started offering the SPEC programme (Southern Pacific Education Courses) as an alternative learning pathway for a small number of students identified as requiring a more structured learning programme tailored to their specific needs. SPEC is an accredited learning programme which is already yielding many successes for our young learners.

Continuity is important for ongoing success for many students and, therefore, our Learning Support Coordinator works collaboratively with other Learning Support Coordinators within our Kāhui Ako (Community of Learning) to help facilitate a smooth transition for our learners from the primary setting through to the intermediate and senior setting, and then into the community beyond.

For more information, please email Vicky Jones (LENCO) or Jacquie Tonks (LSC).