Cyber Safety

Trinity Catholic College uses a number of tools to help guide our students towards focused learning and assist them to make appropriate choices in the online space. Linewize is one of these tools and their philosophy aligns well with our school values. 

The decisions that students make in the digital world are expected to mirror the same values they use to make decisions in the face to face world. These decisions and choices should always be based on respect for self and for one another. 

In modern society, the digital world is often at the end of our fingertips and the lines that used to separate home from school no longer exist. This cyber safety hub provided by Linewize helps parents to understand the online space and it strengthens the partnership between home and school as we work together to support our students in becoming outstanding citizens in both the real and the digital world. 

Trinity Catholic College Digital Use Agreement

Linewize Cyber Safety Hub

Mobile Phone Use Procedure