What is Agribusiness?

This is a new and exciting course offered in New Zealand secondary schools in 2018 brought about by the massive skills shortage of graduates in Agribusiness now and in the future. This academic course exposes students to the wide range of skills required and the career opportunities available in the primary sector beyond the farm gate. It is designed for students who excel in science and/or commerce subjects.

Agribusiness is defined as a course of study that integrates all the primary industries and businesses that comprise primary production, including agriculture, aquaculture, dairy manufacturing, equine, forestry, horticulture, seafood, or sports turf.

It includes a study of topics in the area of plant science, soil science, food science, microbiology, agri-management and finance, economics, digital technologies, agri-innovations, agri-marketing, primary production processes, future proofing and growing value.

The course has a major emphasis on experiential learning, gaining understanding and applying examples of industry ‘best practice’ to conceptual learning within the classroom.

The Achievement Standards are linked to Agribusiness university courses. This new course is seen as a game changer in that it is recognised as a key driver for New Zealand’s economic future and well-being.