Religious Education

Religious Education is taught five periods per fortnight in Junior and Senior classes.

There are two key areas of focus in Religious Education; firstly, the students are asked to consider God's action in our lives and in the world and are encouraged on their own faith journey. The second area is developing the students’ knowledge and interest in the history and practice of Catholic Faith, and in other religious practices and beliefs in our society.

Examples of topics covered in Junior classes are: Inspiring Men and Women, Creation and Co-Creation, the Beginnings of the Church in Aotearoa and the Life and Times of Jesus. In Senior school topics include the Reformation, Justice and Peace, World Religions, Cults and Sects and the Catholic Ethics concerning Human Reproduction. The units taught build on knowledge gained in previous years, but the material is also accessible to those who are less familiar with Religious Education in a Catholic School context.

Religious Education is compulsory through to Year 13 and all students are expected to participate to this level, except where language issues make this difficult. We follow the Catholic Bishops’ New Zealand curriculum, however, the students are assessed in Senior school with NZQA standards enabling them to gain credits towards formal qualifications at Level 1, 2 and 3 NCEA. Our priority is in growing young people who are able to engage in their own faith journey with maturity, individuality and thoughtfulness.

Year 12 are involved in a one day retreat in Term 1 at a cost of $60.00

Year 13 are involved in an overnight retreat in Term 2 at a cost of $65.00

The idea of the retreats is that we give ourselves time to think and develop our relationships with others and God.  It is an important reflective time for students