Great First Day - Impressive Students

By Katrina Kerr-Bell | Posted: Wednesday January 30, 2019

Wow! What a great day we had with our students all arriving yesterday!

We began the day with a Mihi Whakatau to welcome new members of our community.  At mid day we celebrated our first Mass together.  It was moving to watch the entrance procession with all our new Year 7's accompanied by Year 13's.  

At the end of the Mass our Head Students, Prefects and House Leaders were presented with their blessed badges.  

Arts: Elliott Faigan, Elsie Wallace, Sebastian Hook, Valentina Yánez-Flores

Enviro: Laura Aitchison, Judea Smith, Health Promotion, Iona McArthur, Sophie King, Bridget Young

International: Haruna Ohhara

Pastoral: Brynn Sinclair, Elyana Castillo, Grace Tilbury, JP Cronje, Kenny Pestano, Lauren Pendreigh, Mackenzie Saville, Tiana Cresswell, Temika Apuwai Bishop, Sammi Schofield, Oliver Hill, Sam Sherriff

Service/Social Justice:  Ben Lucas, Evie Snell, Grace Apuwai-Bishop, Matilda Garnett, Michelle Papp, Rancel Noquilla, Aine Kelly, Julian Manti

Social:  Ella Seuseu Musgrave, Merlyn Gunn, Samara Rowe

Sports:  Savannah Laws, Ambrose Lee, Ashlee Middleton

Ambrose: Sophie King, Ashlee Middleton, Jack Buchan, Matthew Larson

Bodkin: Aine Kelly, Elsie Wallace, Sebastian Hook, Tara McGoff

Gabriel: Temika Apuwai Bishop, Grace Apuwai Bishop, Ambose Lee, Tom Shea

McAuley: Evie Snell, Callum Kubala, Kenny Pestano, Grace Tilburry

Pompallier: Tiana Creswel,l Ben Lucas, Rancel Noquilla, Riley King

Rice: McKenzie Saville, Ellery Campbell, Jachary Joseph, Valentina Yanez

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