BeReal is the new trending app.

By Rachel Mortimer | Posted: Saturday September 10, 2022

Sometimes as adults, we can't keep up with what has become the new trend for our young people in their digital space.

BeReal has become very popular with our student community. Students know that they are not to have their phones out in class without their teacher's permission, yet the notification to post their BeReal photo tempts the user to take a photo right then and now. In the "instant world" that we appear to live in, the student can feel conflicted to belong in this app, yet know their phones shouldn't be out so it becomes another digital distraction. 

This article from our hub explains this new app BeReal for you. The proposed intent of the app is to 'be real' which has positive aspects to it in this photoshopped world, but like all apps, there are issues to be aware of. We encourage you to read the article and use the discussion points to set up boundaries with your child so they understand how to keep themselves safe in the digital space.