Year 13 Economics Field Trip

By Staff | Posted: Wednesday February 22, 2023

We participated in an economics walking field trip around the city centre on Friday.

We visited a few places, including Toitú Otago Settlers Museum, to set the background for our information-gathering day. At the museum, we created online quizzes related to early Māori trading, gold mining, banking, transportation, technology, and infrastructure.

Our next stop was the Business School at the University of Otago, where we met with Terry Kerr, a first and second-year Economics lecturer. Terry has taught Economics at several New Zealand Universities, at the foundation and undergraduate levels. He advised us to be proactive and well-prepared for our first year of study and enjoy ourselves. It was refreshing and exciting to hear about the courses and opportunities. Terry offered to assist us in the future with our study pathway. He also suggested we sit in lectures during holidays to learn whether we like the subjects. Walking around the Commerce Building was fun. Unfortunately, it was quiet as the students were not returning from their holidays yet.

Our next stop was a tour through Studholm Residential College. The College is owned by the University of Otago and operated by the Campus and Collegiate Life Services Division as part of the Operations Group. We met with the Deputy Warden, Rachael Carson, who showed us around the complex. We were impressed with the communal areas (pool table, table tennis table, and big screen tv). Seeing where the students ate, slept, hung out, and worked out daily gave good insight into how it would be living there. Although the rooms were tight and cramped, they seemed cozy and welcoming. The dining room smelled nice, and the students were given three meals daily. The College has been providing accommodation for students since 1915, and the fees for 2023 are over $18,000. We all thought this was expensive but a good option if you wish to leave home and sample life in a residential hall.

Our final stop was Ocho Chocolate Factory - This was the tastiest part of the day by far. We had a look inside the factory and saw handmade chocolates being made. The sample box gave us all a true sense of what each stage of the chocolate-making process tastes like. Ocho is a proud company, and they deserve to feel this way - they are a sustainable business with future-focused goals.

We had a fantastic day out learning and seeing how the theory we learn in the classroom applies to the real world in local businesses in Dunedin.   

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