Pink Shirt Day

By Olivia Oram | Posted: Tuesday May 23, 2023

Pink Shirt Day this year was a huge success!

As you may know, Pink Shirt Day is an annual anti-bullying campaign that aims to promote kindness, empathy, and compassion in schools and communities. On Pink Shirt Day last Friday, May 19th 2023, Aotearoa as well as Trinity, was transformed into a sea of māwhero/pink as we all stood together to spread aroha, celebrate diversity and end bullying!

We encouraged everyone to wear pink, and our Trinity community was transformed into a field of colour. Throughout the day we ran a clothing/donation station with students who may have had extra unwanted pink clothing that could be brought along to school and in turn be used by students who didn't have pink to wear throughout the day. Students came along, to donate or receive some clothing on the theme of pink for the day.

Our most popular activity was our Pink Shirt Day Photo Booth. The booth ran between interval and lunchtime which proved to be a popular attraction among our students. We hope to display these photos around the school soon, so keep an eye out! There was also a canteen voucher up for grabs for the pinkest outfit spotted during Pink Shirt Day so stay tuned for our winner announcement next week. During interval time, a bright colourful chalk art competition ran among the juniors and seniors outside the materials and technology classes behind the canteen. The theme was "How do we see kindness in our world?". We saw so many colourful creations ranging from kindness quotes to actions of respect seen throughout the community.

A mini house completion was run among our year seven's, for the most pink worn between the houses. We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Pink Shirt Day House Competition was Rice House! Great Effort Guys. Pink Shirt Day on Friday was all about recognising diversity in our community and making a difference to promote a culture of kindness here at Trinity! Thank you to everyone that participated in the activities, and most importantly for wearing pink. It was such an amazing display of Trinity's values and our positive attitude towards bullying.

Thank you all so much for your support.

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