Year 11 Holiday Tutorials for SCE and SCI classes

By Kerron Thomson | Posted: Monday April 9, 2018

Need support for "Bubble Trouble"?

Year 11 classes are currently working towards an Internal Achievement Standard on Rates of Reaction, often called Bubble Trouble.  This is an important Standard as they need to pass this Internal if they wish to carry on with Sciences in their senior years.

Students will be required to carry out a practical investigation, process their results and write a report to explain the Science ideas around their findings.  There is a 'drop-in' tutorial available on MONDAY APRIL 23 10AM-4PM for students seeking more practice or support in one or more of these areas.  They are welcome to come in for part or all of the time to trial an experiment and practice writing up a formal report. Support and feedback will be available on an individual level. 

All students in Year 11 Science and Science Extension are welcome to attend. (Applied Science students are not completing this Standard at this time)