Swimming sports hits the mark with a splash

By Michael MacKenzie | Posted: Thursday September 28, 2023

On the last day of term 3, 25 eager swimmers took part in our annual swimming sports at Moana Pool

The year 7/8 girls category was especially competitive with some very good swimmers across the board in all strokes. It was great to see a few senior students also giving it a go and the day was a great success and everyone who participated had loads of fun. 

Congratulations to all students who took part in the event and we hope to grow our numbers looking ahead to 2024.

Final Results 

Year 7/8 Girls: Champion - Harper Bannister, Runner Up - Niamh Booth 

Year 7/8 Boys: Champion - Joshua Elliotte, Runner Up - Connor Wilsden 

Year 9/10 Girls: Champions - Maya Still and Niamh Higgins, Runner Up - Evie Dummer 

Year 9/10 Boys: Champion - Ben Davis 

Senior Girls: Champion - Hayley Roding, Runner Up - Hannah Davis Gorrie 

Senior Boys: Champion - Michael Davis Gorrie, Runner Up - Ben Casey 

House Points

McAuley: 209

Nagle: 188

Dominic: 135

Rice: 61

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