Young Vinnie's 2024

By Erica Ward | Posted: Wednesday November 8, 2023

A fantastic year!

This year, the Trinity Young Vinnies, as part of the Saint Vincent DePaul Society, have had a great year filled with making positive impacts in our Dunedin community. 

We ran clothing and can drives, and volunteered on multiple occasions in the SVDP op-shop. This month we raised over $700 at the store, which will be used to buy children's Christmas presents - with the aim of buying experiences rather than commodities. This includes parcels with tickets to the butterflies at the Otago Museum or to Clip ‘n Climb. 

This year has been nothing short of a resounding success for the Young Vinnies, we extend our thanks to the Trinity community for their unwavering support. We look forward to continuing our mission to make our world a better place, and we encourage you to join us in our future endeavours. “Let us strive to do good while we are still in this world, for once our opportunity is gone, we cannot return to do it again.” - Saint Vincent de Paul.

Thank you

The Trinity Young Vinnies