Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

All students at Trinity Catholic College are required to have an internet capable device for educational use in the classroom.

Education at Trinity Catholic College is modern and innovative and is enhanced by the use of digital learning alongside the traditional classroom environment. Our students must be prepared for lives and careers that require high levels of digital literacy, but it’s also crucial that they learn how to use these devices and the internet safely and responsibly.

Students use Google products in classes which are free to all users. All Trinity Catholic College students are provided with a email account to allow this. Many teachers use Google Classroom as part of their teaching and learning, to communicate with their classes and for students to submit their assignments.

What kind of device is required?

For Year 7 – 10 students a Chromebook is completely adequate, but Year 11 – 13 students should have a full laptop. Students doing high-end digital work (e.g. Art, Photography, Design and Visual Communication) would benefit from a higher end laptop capable of running Photoshop and CAD design programmes, although the school also has computers available capable of running these programmes.

If a family is unable to purchase a device for their child, there are a number of Chromebooks that can be borrowed and financial assistance is available to help with purchasing a device for your child. Please talk to your child’s dean to find out more about this.