Dance is an expressive movement that has intent, purpose, and form. In dance education, students integrate thinking, moving, and feeling. It teaches us to understand ourselves and other people much better.

The Trinity Catholic College Dance Programme is dedicated to providing the 21st-century student with the necessary skills, both artistic and personal, needed to meet the demands of all aspects of learning in an ever-changing world

Our curriculum emphasis:

Students learn to explore and use dance elements, vocabularies, processes, and technologies to express personal, group, and cultural identities, to convey and interpret artistic ideas, and to strengthen social interaction. Students develop literacy in dance as they learn about and develop skills in performing, choreographing, and responding to a variety of genres from a range of historical and contemporary contexts

Curriculum Dance

Students wishing to participate in the senior Dance courses must have previous dance experience in one or more styles. Students need to be confident at moving in their style. However students may be approved to enter a Dance course at any level provided the HOD has approved this.

In Years 12 – 13, Dance is available as a full-year option, covering the full range of NCEA Achievement Standards at Level 1 – 3.


Dance offers key skills to students considering careers in many fields especially:

  • Health and Community Services

  • Education and Social Sciences.

  • Physical Education Services

  • Media.

  • Performing Arts.