Communicate, Co-operate and Connect. Drama is a way of exploring how we think, feel and communicate. It teaches us to understand ourselves and other people much better.

The Trinity Catholic College Drama Department is dedicated to providing the 21st-century student with the necessary skills, both artistic and personal, needed to meet the demands of all aspects of learning in an ever-changing world.

Each time we engage in the imaginative world of Drama, we enhance our own sense of self and our understanding of the nature of humanity.
Bruce Burton. (2008)

Our curriculum emphasises:

  • Personal and Social skills. The personal and social aspects of Drama consist of interactive skills e.g. communication, teamwork, negotiation and problem-solving. These aspects also include the opportunity to contribute ideas, build empathy and explore a range of critical thinking skills.
  • Performance skills. Included in this section are physical and vocal skills as well as technical expertise relating to design, stage management and technology. Students will also develop a range of dramatic skills, techniques, elements and conventions, to effectively express ideas and feelings.
  • Knowledge and Understanding of Theatrical ideas and concepts. As well as practical skills, students will develop a wide range of knowledge and understanding of the form and language of theatre. Students will also become familiar with forms of theatre from their own and different cultures. Specific written tasks are structured to support language development and develop students’ ability to reflect, evaluate and recall their work.

Curriculum Drama

Introductory Drama courses in Years 7 to 10 are an excellent springboard to senior Drama courses. However, with HOD’s permission students may enter a Drama course at any level.

  • Year 7-9 Drama modules are available for one semester. There are two modules to choose from.
  • In Years 10 – 13, Drama is available as a full-year option, covering the full range of NCEA Achievement Standards at Level 1 – 3.
  • Scholarship Drama is available in Year 13.


Drama offers key skills to students considering careers in many fields especially:

  • Health and Community Services
  • Education and Social Sciences.
  • Business and Administration.
  • Law.
  • Media.
  • Performing Arts.