Level One Extension Maths


NCEA Level 1 with Achievement Standards

Entry Requirement

Reasonable progress is made in Year 10 Mathematics with at least “Merit” grades in the majority of topics studied, including Algebra. See your Year 10 Maths teacher or Mr Kelly if unsure.

You may nominate yourself for entry into this course, but final selection will be dependent upon Year 10 results, ability and motivation.

11MAE students are expected to enter at least one Mathematics competition.


Students must have a graphing calculator, preferably a Casio 9750G, since they provide a clear advantage. A laptop or tablet is essential.

A homework workbook will be required. Approx cost is $25

Course Outline

This course builds on mainstream Mathematics studied in Years 9 & 10. Processes include problem solving, logic, applications and communication. Students should be aware that the majority of the Achievement Standards will be externally assessed at the end of the course.




AS 91944 - Explore data using a statistical enquiry process - Report - 5 Credits

The above standard may be replaced by a Level 2 standard (Yet to be decided)


AS 91946 - Interpret and apply mathematical and statistical information in context - 5 Credits

AS 91947 - Demonstrate mathematical reasoning - 5 Credits


For any student who still needs to gain their NCEA Numeracy requirements, there will be an opportunity in Term 2 & 4 to sit US 32406

Where Does It Lead

L2 Extension Mathematics

L2 Mathematics and Statistics


Further Information

Mr Daniel Kelly