Level One Maths - Numeracy


NCEA Level 1 with a reduced number of Achievement Standards.

Entry Requirement


Aimed at students who wish to attain NCEA 1 Numeracy and pass Level 1 Maths by Internal Standards only.


Students must have a Scientific Calculator, preferably a Casio VPAM. All worksheets and booklets will be provided as part of the year level donation. 

Course Outline

The “Mathematics Internal Standards” course offers appropriate goals and recognition for students who have struggled with traditional Mathematics courses. This Year 11 course is designed for students who wish to build their confidence in Mathematics, especially with topics such as number, money, geometry and statistics.

This course enables students to achieve:

NCEA Numeracy requirements with the option of gaining the prerequisites for Level Two Maths & Stats and University Entrance Numeracy.



AS 91944 Explore Data using a statistical enquiry process - Report. - 5 Credits

AS 91945 Use mathematical methods to explore problems that relate to life in Aotearoa New Zealand or the Pacific -  costing project - 5 Credits


Optional External 

US 32406 - Numeracy Common Assessment Task 

Where Does It Lead


Students who gain 10 credits for Level 1 Maths are eligible to do L2 Mathematics & Statistics


Further Information

Mr Daniel Kelly