Level Three Statistics & Maths


NCEA Level 3 with Achievement Standards - Scholarship Optional

Entry Requirement

At least 15 credits from L2 Mathematics Extension


15 Credits from L2 Mathematics and Statistics
including AS 91264 Statistics and AS91267 Probability


All students must have a Graphing Calculator, preferably a Casio 9750G if completing the full course.

A laptop or tablet is essential.

A set of workbooks will be required. Approx cost is $25.00.

Course Outline

The course covers three main areas: statistics, probability and mathematics. The internally assessed topics involve extensive use of statistical software. Processes include reasoning and communication. The emphasis is on data handling and decision making in a variety of contexts such as business, science, medicine and social science.  

Students may elect to complete only the first semester (Terms 1 and 2), worth 18 credits.



AS 91574 - Linear Programming - 3 credits

AS 91581 - Bivariate Data - 4 credits

AS 91582 - Inference - 4 credits

AS 91587 - Systems of Equations - 3 credits


AS 91585 - Probability - 4 Credits

AS 91586 - Probability Distributions  - 4 Credits

Where Does It Lead

Further studies in Statistics, Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Social Sciences and Computer Science.

Some of the careers for which Mathematics is required are:

Architecture, Engineering, Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Veterinary Science, Surveying, Sports Science, Automotive Engineer, Wine Making, Food Technology, Electronics, Economics, Computer Science, Parks & Recreation Tourism, Teaching, Traffic Design, Meteorology, Aviation and many more.

Further Information

Mr Daniel Kelly