Level Two Extension Maths


NCEA Level 2 with Achievement Standards

Entry Requirement

At least 15 credits (mostly merits) from L1 Extension Mathematics including AS 90147 Algebra

Students are advised to take L2 Mathematics & Statistics, if they didn’t pass AS 90147 Algebra

Students may nominate themselves, although selection will be dependent on Year 11 results, ability and motivation. 12MAE students are required to enter at least one mathematics competition.


All students must have a Graphing Calculator, preferably a Casio 9750G.

A laptop or tablet is essential.

A homework workbook will be required. Approx cost is $25


Course Outline

This course continues the mainstream development of Mathematics and leads to further study. Processes include problem solving, logic and reasoning and communication.



AS 91257 - Graphs - 4 credits

AS 91259 - Trigonometry - 3 credits

AS 91264 - Inference - 4 credits


AS 91261 - Algebra - 4 Credits

AS 91262 - Calculus - 5 Credits

AS 91267 - Probability - 4 Credits

Where Does It Lead

L3 Mathematics with Calculus

L3 Statistics & Math

Further Information

Mr Daniel Kelly