Earth and Space Science

Earth and Space Science offers the student the chance to enage with our natural world in the land, oceans and sky

This course is aimed at students with an interest in Marine Science, Geology and natural disasters as well as Astronomy. Knowledge of Earth Science is important because most human activities are related to the interaction with the Earth. Knowledge in these areas of Science is important for global citizenship in understanding the impacts of human and natural activities on our planet.

There are many science degree courses related to this subject including applied Science degrees as our world learns to deal with the problems related to climate change, plastics in oceans, ocean acidification etc..

This course is mainly internally assessed and will have field trips that provide interactions with many natural resources around us. The course emphasises essential science skills such as communicating valid science information and investigating areas of interest in this domain. 

Students with an interest in each of the sub-disciplines of this subject are encouraged to enrol.



  • Geochemist, geophysicist, geotechnical engineer, geologist
  • Soil scientist
  • Astrophysicist
  • Meteorologist
  • Field technician

The list is endless!


Level Two Earth and Space Science

Level Three Earth and Space Science