Skills for Living


Levels 1, 2 and 3 Unit Standards

Entry Requirement




Course Outline

The content in each year is different and students may choose to study this subject for two years or only one year.  This course gives students many crucial skills that are helpful and useful in everyday life as well as essential work ready tools. All standards are internally assessed.


Level 1 unit standards

US 504    Produce a targeted curriculum vitae (CV)    2 credits

Level 2 unit standards

US 2989    Select, read and assess texts to gain knowledge   3 credits

US 57       Provide customer service    3 credits (external provider)

US 9677    Participate in a team or group which has an objective    3 credits

Level 3 unit standards

US 4251    Manage own career development    2 credits

US 1304    Communicate with people from other cultures    3 credits

US 8548    Describe and promote a New Zealand tourist destination    4 credits

US 3491    Write a report    4 credits


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