Want to see the world? Take Geography!
Geography is the study of Earth’s landscapes, people, places and environments.

Geographers explore both the physical properties of Earth’s surface and the human societies spread across it. They also examine how human culture interacts with the natural environment and the way that locations and places can have an impact on people. It’s about how te taiao/the natural world connects to people and how people connect to te taiao/the natural world.

Geography prepares you for the future.

Almost half of the degree courses at University suggest Geography as a recommended background subject.  This is because Geography provides both research and critical thinking skills, as well as useful real world knowledge applications.  Geography also develops skills in communication, leadership, collaboration and problem-solving.

Geography sets you up for future career opportunities in – 

Local Councils or Planning Departments, Central Government policy writing, Agriculture (Farming, Forestry, Mining), Conservation, Teaching, Geology, Climatology, Archaeology, Meteorology, Travel and Tourism/Hospitality, Community Development, Adventure and Outdoor pursuits. 

You can also get reading and writing credits in Geography. 

Geography is absorbing and fascinating.

In Trinity Catholic College Geography we cover population dynamics, sustainability and the environment, the weather, earthquakes and tectonics, Otago University ‘scarfie culture’, the pattern of murders in Chicago, the South Island High Country, Modern Day Slavery, coastal dynamics in Dunedin, and tourism in Queenstown. Students learn and apply a range of mapping (including ARCGIS), graphing, visual and interpretation skills. We also look at current events and learn about countries of the world.

We go on great trips. 

Fieldwork is an important aspect of geography. In Year 12 we go on a 3 day fieldtrip to Aoraki/Mount Cook and in Year 13 we go on a 3 day fieldtrip to Queenstown. We also complete field work around the Dunedin environment.

Geography is absorbing and fun, and it sets you up for the future.