The digital network is essential for decision making, sharing of information and keeping in touch with family, and other cultures. We need innovators to create the digital future, technologists to build and maintain it, and operators and users who understand its potential and capabilities.

To this end, Trinity Catholic College has embraced the new digital technology curriculum (web design, desktop publishing, programming, electronics, robotics, and integration of the workspace).

In the intermediate and junior school, the student is introduced to the skills and concepts essential for the use of digital technology in their schooling and in their world. They are given the awareness to operate in the social environment safely and effectively. Individual interests and enthusiasms are encouraged at this level.

In the senior school they are taught in an environment that supports growth toward any career but especially a career in digital engineering, design, programming, or computer science. The digital technology course at Level 1 is available to all students. The more specialized senior years have an entrance requirement.