Practical Art subjects

Year 7 – 10 Visual Art

Visual art at Trinity Catholic College explores a wide range of fields including drawing, photography, printmaking, painting, sculpture, and ceramics.  The course aims to develop an understanding of practices which underlie the making and knowing about art and to extend these practices in the development of individual achievement in the visual arts.

The junior Visual Arts course (Year 7 – 10) is a broad-based course, aiming to introduce students to a range of art activities and processes, within the context of a variety of artists and art movements, with the intention of extending students individual responses to subject matter and processes.

Senior Visual Arts Years 11- 13

The senior art program continues to explore and extend students through the making of artworks by continued exploration of compositional and conceptual approaches. Exploration of established artists underpins the student’s ideas and conventions resulting in individual creative responses. 

The year's programme allows students to work through a variety of Internal Achievement Standards culminating in the external folio submission. In year 12 and 13 art students have the option of pursuing courses in painting, printmaking and/or photography. Each of these subjects uses drawing to research and explore individual subject matter within a course of either painting, printmaking or photography. Students are able to take more than one of these subjects as part of their course selection.

Students who gain excellence in their Level 3 internal Achievement Standards will be encouraged to enter scholarship in their chosen field.