Year 10 Option Subjects

Year 10 students choose THREE options that are studied for five periods a fortnight for the whole year.

Students are still encouraged to embrace a breadth of learning that complements their leisure interests as well as consider the option subjects that may be prerequisites for further study in Year 11 for NCEA. 

The number of students who may study some option subjects may be restricted due to space limitations in some specialist facilities. Where there are too many students wanting to take a subject, the school will select students for the course based on Year 9 grades as well as a mix and balance of options for the individual student.

This is the main opportunity to select Year 10 option subjects. After the deadline for the return of the option sheets, acceptance into a subject with restricted numbers may depend on vacancies. While we try to keep to your option choices as listed, we cannot guarantee to run all courses at this level or at senior levels if low numbers make the course not viable. If this happens, an alternative course would have to be chosen.

Students and parents are encouraged to consider planning and goal-setting beyond Year 10. Consider the information for all subjects and future goals when planning the Year 10 option choices. Use the website to read the senior course information and the information on any prerequisites for Year 11 options. This information can be found through the curriculum tab, including the Year 11-13 overview.

Note that at Year 11, only TWO options will be chosen. English, Mathematics, Science and Religious Education are compulsory.

Students must also choose a Health option. This can be Health and Recreation or they can enrol as a direct entrant for the Silver award for the Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award.

  • Some Year 11 options do not have prerequisites from Year 9 or 10.

  • Some Year 11 options are derived from the compulsory subjects at Year 10 - e.g. Social Studies leads to Geography and History as options in Year 11 and these subjects are offered for the first time at that level.

  • Some Year 11 options must have been studied in Years 9 and 10, in particular languages, if students wish to pursue them further.


The ABC Subject Selection Checklist

When you have made your choices, follow this simple checklist:

Ability and Attitude - are you able and are you interested?

Balance - will you have a range of options open for future career ideas?

Choice - are they your own decisions or have you been swayed by others?


If you click on each subject below, you are able to read a brief outline of the subject to help make your choices.


Design and Visual Communication

Digital Technology




Maori Studies


Sports Studies

Technology - Hard Materials

Technology - Textile Design

Technology - Food and Nutrition