Pre-Arrival and Orientation Information

Coming to a new school to study can involve learning a lot of new information quickly. See below for the 2023-4 Orientation Handbook for International Students

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Learn about New Zealand

  • Learn about NZ in own language/s – request information from the nearest Embassy or Consulate, they may offer information evenings.
  • Talk to people, particularly other students who have visited NZ.

Travel Check List

  • Confirm your travel arrangements and inform Trinity Catholic College
  • Make sure you have packed
    • Medical or optical prescriptions in English
    • Travel documents
    • Money and bank cards
    • List of important phone numbers such as your bank
    • Photos, friends' addresses, favourite recipes
    • Warm clothing (including winter jackets and woollen jerseys (sweaters)
    • Full insurance policy is written in English (if you have purchased your own policy)

Important Note

Ensure you pack your own luggage and do not bring in bags or any items belonging to other people. Inspect everything you carry into New Zealand personally. Not knowing that illegal items are in your belongings will not be accepted as an excuse for bringing them into the country. Customs are very strict.

Arriving in New Zealand

Before your plane lands in NZ you will be given an NZ Passenger Arrival form to fill in, this contains Immigration, Customs and Quarantine declarations. You must tick "yes" if any of the questions apply to you. If you have any problems the airline staff will be happy to help you.

At your first place of entry into New Zealand, your passport and visa will be checked. Once your documents have been verified by immigration officials you then proceed to the baggage collection area.

Quarantine and Customs

Items that must be declared include:

  • Food, and products or ingredients used for preparing food
  • Plants and parts of plants (alive or dead), including cane, straw and rattan
  • Animals (alive or dead), or products from animals
  • Equipment used with animals
  • Camping gear, golf clubs, hiking boots

If you are unsure of any item in your luggage DECLARE IT! There is no penalty for declaring items, but an NZ$200 instant fine if you do not declare an item. For more information, visit the MAF website.

Transfers to domestic terminal

If you enter New Zealand at Auckland International airport you will need to transfer to the domestic terminal. You will find a blue line on the footpath outside the International terminal and can follow this line to the domestic terminal if you would like to walk. Otherwise, there is also a free bus which runs between the International and Domestic terminals from 6:00 am until 10:30 pm.

In Christchurch, both the International and Domestic terminals are located in the same building.

Airport Pick-up

Trinity Catholic College provides a meeting service for all new international students arriving in Dunedin.