Year 12 Bike Trip

By Naomi Tupa'i | Posted: Wednesday March 9, 2022

Last week the Year 12 PE class headed to Naseby for their mountain biking camp.

Students battled the rain and cold on Monday however this proved a great opportunity to test out the risk management strategies we had been working on in class. Fortunately, the weather was fine on Tuesday and Wednesday and this allowed us to explore lots of different mountain biking tracks. 

Everyone was able to challenge themselves along Intermediate and Advanced trails around the park with lots of learnings, a few tumbles and no major injuries. 

On Wednesday, everyone completed the NCEA mountain bike assessment trail. The course involves a steep climb up Translator Road before a ride along Hepi Highway, the Water Race and a descent through Collarbone Alley. The Year 12 class did an amazing job with some speedy times and a great spirit supporting each other in the challenge. 

Check out some of the action in the photos and video attached!

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