Fake online accounts and scams

By Rachel Mortimer | Posted: Thursday May 5, 2022

Our young people can be just as vulnerable to scams as those in the news recently who have lost a lot of money.

Teenagers are often really astute about many things but there are some very clever predators and scammers out there. At a younger age, teenagers accept all types of people as friends in their social media and it is really helpful to have conversations with your child about who they may be interacting with. This article from our family hub on Linewize is helpful for guiding you if you want to sit down with your child and investigate who the online strangers are. There are a lot of helpful tips for spotting fake accounts or those with less genuine intent. 

The digital world can't be ignored and we are not suggesting you ban their social media as they need our help to find their way through in a positive manner. Some of our young people may need your support to become a little more critical of who they have allowed into their world.