A busy Netball Tuesday with a visit from a Silver Fern.

By Rachel Mortimer | Posted: Wednesday May 3, 2023

We were lucky to have Kate Heffernan come in and work with our girls during Netball Conditioning before we held our umpire refresher course.

Netball conditioning normally has 25-30 students attend and on Tuesday, we had a lot of interest in a visiting Southern Steel player. Kate worked with 2 groups in the hour running them through some drills while the other half continued their conditioning with Mrs Tupa'i. 

Following that, Maigan and Bryn from Dunedin Netball came in and gave a refresher course on umpiring that included a Kahoot quiz and acting out scenarios to be guessed. We are very keen to encourage more netball umpires as we always need to take umpires to tournaments. So feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about umpiring. The highlight for some girls was being able to blow their whistles but they also learned a lot!

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