Year 10 Economics Update

By Jill Armstrong | Posted: Thursday September 21, 2023

The students are actively engaged in a real-world learning experience as they conduct research on local candidates in the Dunedin and Taieri electorates in preparation for Kid's Voting Day on October 9th.

A total of sixty students will have the opportunity to participate in a formal election within the classroom, complete with ballot papers featuring local candidates and their respective parties. The results of this election will be submitted to the Kids Voting site and combined with data from other schools, creating a collaborative and informative platform. 

The election is entirely student-led, with roles such as electorate manager, enrolment officer, communications team, issuing officers, and counters being filled by students themselves. As the ballot papers are printed and ready, this mock election presents an exciting and educational opportunity for students to actively engage in the democratic process actively, even in a simulated context.


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