Laser Tag Success for White

By Michael MacKenzie | Posted: Wednesday May 10, 2023

Drew White attended LSNZ Invitationals 2023 (Laser tag) this past weekend in Auckland. This is a National (and a little international) competition held each year.

He competed in all of the competitions styles, Solos, Doubles, Triples, Tag team and teams. This made it around 50 games of laser tag over 2 days. 

Drew was teamed with some fellow Dunedin players and also some from Auckland. There were also two full teams of Australian players with some other Aussies mixed in some teams as well. 

Drew came out with bang in solos as most had under estimated his skill seeing he was a new player (only picking up the suit and phaser last December). He was sitting in the top 20 in pool play but had a rough repêchage when everyone seemed to aim for him. This left him with final placing of 30 out of 38. Doubles and Tag team were some tough battles and he was pleased to not finish last in these. Triples showed some promise and he looked to be super competitive here but those tough Hobart teams pipped him and he finished 5th with his other team mates. Teams was last and had many games to play in pool rounds. His team L.I.I.T. had some real experience behind them and loved the strength Drew brought in with him even though he was still an E grade player. Pool play had them finish 4th with quarter and semis still to play. After an hour break for dinner it was straight into it and they held on to make it to 3rd and play in the grand final. 

Grand final is intense, three games back to back, no real stop between them with just enough time to change your base colour and start attacking/defending again. The three totals are then taken, the average found and this is then how the placing fell. Drew played tough but again that tough Hobart team came out on top and Drew's team came in 3rd.

If you would like to try laser tag, Social Sundays are the best (this is where he started). Come down to Megazone on a Sunday from 5pm and try it out. $20 for unlimited games til 8pm. Different styles to play, learn how to hold the phasor, duck and twist to miss being tagged, loads of laughs and tonnes of fun. 

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