Prayers to the Blessed Sacrament from 10 TLP

By Pesamino Tili | Posted: Wednesday September 20, 2023

Dear Jesus,

In the silence before Your Blessed Sacrament, we adore You. Your presence, hidden in the bread and wine, is a profound gift of love. Thank You for being with us.

As we kneel before You, we offer our hearts, our prayers, and our love. In this moment of closeness, hear our silent pleas, and may Your grace fill our lives.

Help us carry Your love from this sacred space into the world, sharing Your peace and compassion with all. In Your Eucharistic presence, we find our strength.


  • By K.D.

My Lord Jesus,

We come before You with hearts overflowing with gratitude for the incredible gift of the Eucharist. As we partake in your body and blood, we are reminded of your immense love and sacrifice for us. May this sacred communion nourish our souls, strengthen our faith, and deepen our connection with you. Help us to approach the Eucharist with reverence and awe, recognizing the profound mystery it holds. We thank you for this blessed sacrament and the grace it brings into our lives. In your holy name, we pray.


  • By A.G.

Dear God

Thank you for blessing us with this gift of faith when you blessed the bread and wine into your body and blood. I am thankful, as It brings me spiritual guidance as I navigate life and figure out my morals and values. Thank you for nourishing us and being with us in the Eucharist. As I receive the Eucharist I feel sustained and strengthened in your presence, guide me to be filled with your grace and live as you would, for you are so great. Through the Eucharist it unites me with Jesus and the Saints in heaven so I can live like them.


  • By M.K.

Heavenly Father,

In this humble bread and wine, You are truly present. I offer You my heart, and gratitude. May Your presence bring blessings, healing, and peace. Help me carry Your love into the world, and help me to be there for people who are hurting. Let me show your love through my actions. Thank You, Jesus.


  • By H.L.

Lord Jesus,

We come before you with hearts filled with gratitude and reverence as we approach the Eucharistic table. In this sacred moment, we recognize your presence among us, truly and substantially, in the form of bread and wine.

In your name we Pray


  • By J.P.