Payments to Trinity Catholic College

By Anna Louw-Young | Posted: Monday March 4, 2024

Please note that Attendance Dues are payable to the Roman Catholic Diocese and NOT to Trinity Catholic College. You will receive a separate invoice from the Diocese for these.

We encourage you to set up a payment plan for payments to Trinity Catholic College. This takes the stress out of having to pay one off, large amounts (ie. camp/tournament fees). With regular payments the school is ensured that debts will be covered over time. With a payment plan, we are also happy for you to place items on your account and pay later.

If your account goes into credit, we hold this on your behalf, ready for any other costs you may incur. If you have credit, it can also be used for canteen vouchers, in the event that your child has forgotten their lunch!

The school bank account details are:

Trinity Catholic College



Please contact Anna Louw-Young in the Bursar’s office to advise if you are starting a payment plan.