Debating Success

By Sharyn Dunn | Posted: Wednesday September 9, 2020

Kavanagh is the only school to have both Senior and Junior teams in the Otago Finals

This is a wonderful way for our school to finish the year for our growing Debating Club. Over the year we have, on average, fielded three teams for the Juniors Tournament, and three Senior Teams for their Tournament. Beyond those teams, we have had others joining as the year went on. We now have some Years 7 and 8 students interested and attending. I am working with other schools to create a similar opportunity for that age group next year, and also to develop Debating within our own Years 7 and 8 age-group.

Last night, our Junior Team participated in the Otago Finals, losing to the winners, St Hilda's, so they did very well. Isobel McKewen deserves a special mention, as she was awarded Debater of the Year, which is a huge commendation for Isobel. Next week our Senior Team participates in the Otago Finals, so we wish them well. The Junior Team comprises: Isobel McKewen, Tim Lapham, and Shreenidhi Mahamuni. Our Senior Team contains Rosa Latton, Andrew Wilson and Tobias Brennan.

Special mention must be made to our former students, Ollie Meikle and Anna Roberts, who have faithfully attended our practices each week to diligently coach our teams, which has resulted in the successes we celebrate today.

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