Trinity First - Selection for the Otago Debating Team

By Maggie McGarry | Posted: Monday March 11, 2024

Che McGivern was selected as the top third speaker in Otago. Joseph Kelly and Akein Wickramagedara gained development squad selection for the second year running.

It was a phenomenal weekend for our formidable debating trio; Joseph, Akein and Che as they represented Trinity Catholic College at the Otago Regional Championships.

They had a fantastic first day, winning three out of four debates.  However, as the competition developed on day two, they could not 'make the break' for the semi-finals.

Despite this, the team still gained recognition! For a Trinity/Kavanagh first, Che was selected as one of the top three Otago speakers out of over a hundred students. He will get specialized training from experts at the Otago University Debate Society to ensure he and the two other speakers (from Columba College and King's High School) are ready to compete at the Nationals in Wellington later in the year.

Joseph and Akein also stood out to the judges with their selection for the Year 11/12 development squad. They will get unique coaching and hopefully bring this knowledge back to the Trinity Debate Club.

Such a great weekend for these three amazing students. They learnt a lot from their debating peers and I know that next year they will use this knowledge to shine. 

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