Y13 PE Cross Country Ski Trip

By Naomi Tupa'i | Posted: Tuesday August 29, 2023

Last week the Year 13 PE class embarked on a 3-day cross country skiing adventure at the Cardrona Snow Farm.

On Wednesday, August 23rd, anticipation filled the air as the Year 13 PE class embarked on an exhilarating journey to Wānaka. Their destination? The picturesque snow-covered landscapes of the Snow Farm, where an immersive cross-country skiing experience awaited.

Clad in their ski attire, students underwent a transition into the world of cross-country skiing, marked by an enlightening introductory lesson. Distinguishing itself from conventional snow skiing, the technique involved a different binding, securing only the front of the foot to the ski. Navigating the art of braking, stopping, and turning was quite tricky, resulting in an entertaining and challenging start to the trip.

After the lesson, our task was clear: ski 5km to our lodging at Musterers Hut. After a steady 2-hour journey, we reached the hut and enjoyed some nachos by the fire. The hut, opened by Helen Clark in 2022, provided a great two-night stay with stunning sunrises and sunsets that added to our experience.

On the second day, confidence grew as students explored more of the snow farm, navigating its numerous tracks. Evaluating the balance between risk and reward, students seized the chance to push their boundaries on the slopes with many mastering the ability to control their speed and keep their balance. The fresh snow proved fortunate, offering a soft landing for those moments when things didn't unfold precisely as intended.

The final morning was absolutely stunning with a third day of blue skies and sunshine. We packed up and skied from Musterers Hut back to the base before heading home. 

A big thank you to the incredible group of Year 13's who were a pleasure to take on the trip. They persevered at every opportunity, adopted a positive attitude and encouraged each other and themselves to make the most out of the three days. A thank you to Theresa Forbes for giving up her time to join us on the trip.

There are two videos of the trip - one is a general highlights and the others is a bloopers reel. Enjoy!

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