Hockey on a High

By Michael MacKenzie | Posted: Tuesday April 9, 2024

This weekend we had a very successful tournament to begin our winter hockey season

Monday had a win 5-3 against St Kevins with our five goals scored by Jeremey Meikle. Game two was harder after being tired from our first game but we carried through with another win against Verdon 5-4 with our goal scorers, Drew White and Jeremy Meikle. Finally, our last game against St. Peter's was another win after a slow first half with Lucas Mcleod getting his first goal for the season and a final score of 3-1. 

This is a great result for our school hockey bringing home the trophy. Hockey has been working hard and slowly building over the years. We may not have always won but have always played with sportsmanship, passion and grace. This year will be memorable with eight year 13 students who want to work their hardest to finish their high school careers with a result, so this tournament's results are a great start. 

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