Police Vetting

The Children’s Act (2014) requires that a safety check is carried out for those working with children (either as employees or volunteers) to reduce risk and enhance safety and wellbeing.

All adults who are involved with school activities such as coaching or managing a sports team, assisting with a cultural group, accompanying students on school camps, etc. must be police vetted through Trinity Catholic College. All school employees are similarly police vetted.

The police vetting process can take some time, so any parents/caregivers who believe they may need to have a check carried out are encouraged to start this procedure early.

Anyone applying for a police check needs to bring two forms of photo ID to the school office and complete the application form which is available from Trudy McBride, the school’s official coordinator of this process.

To view the appropriate forms of ID required when submitting your application, please view Page 3 of the New Zealand Police Vetting Service Guide.

Once a police check has been completed, the results are added to our database and a further check doesn’t need to be submitted for three years.