Level One French


NCEA Level 1 with Achievement Standards

Entry Requirement

Year 10 French, with at least “Achieved” and preferably “Merit” in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills, is recommended.


Education Perfect : $20

Course Outline

The course builds on material covered in Year 9 and 10 and through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities encourages basic communicative competence in:

  • a prepared speech, conversation and writing, internally assessed
  • listening and reading comprehension, externally assessed



AS 91964 - Interact in spoken French to share and respond to information, ideas, and opinions    - 5 credits


AS 91966 - Demonstrate understanding of written French related to everyday contexts    - 5 credits

AS 91967 -   Demonstrate understanding of spoken French related to everyday contexts  5 credits


Where Does It Lead

Level 2 French 

It is only at Level 1 that French becomes a viable instrument of communication with native speakers.

French is a major international language including in several areas of the Pacific.

Tertiary study in conjunction with degrees and diplomas in international marketing, law, tourism and hospitality, engineering, politics, viticulture and many other areas.

Further Information

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