Head of Sport - Michael Mackenzie
Sports Co-ordinator - Shaun Haig

Trinity Catholic College Sports Information Booklet 2024

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Trinity Catholic College Sport

At Trinity Catholic College, we believe that sport is an excellent vehicle to deliver and reinforce the College’s core values – Respect, Service, Justice, Truth. The sporting culture of Trinity Catholic College should be based on, and reflect, these core values.

Sport is an important part of our students' holistic education and development. Sport is one component of the Trinity Catholic College experience alongside special character, academic, cultural, pastoral and social activities.

We aim to promote active participation in sport and provide opportunities for students to excel in sport.

We believe that young people who participate in structured sport at a level appropriate to them will develop skills and become better students, employees and citizens.

‘Sport at Trinity, Making Better People’

Aims / Goals

To promote a high level of participation in sporting opportunities.

To provide well organised and managed opportunities in sport.

To develop competitive and high achieving teams where appropriate.

To support high achieving individuals reach their goals in sport.

For Trinity Catholic College to be seen as having a positive sporting culture, by those within and outside the school environment.


Students are able to represent Trinity Catholic College in the following codes – Athletics, Cricket, Futsal, Rowing, Swimming, Orienteering, Tennis, Touch, Handball, Triathlon, Mini Volley, Volleyball, Waterpolo, Cross Country, Badminton, Basketball, Curling, Football, Hockey, Mini Hockey, Miniball, Netball and Rugby.

Trinity Catholic College will also help facilitate opportunities, usually in conjunction with clubs, for students to participate in codes not offered by the College, or in codes offered by the College but at a higher level. These include, but aren’t limited to Aerobics, Athletics, Cricket, Cycling, Golf, Mountain Biking, Multi-Sport, Softball, Surf Lifesaving, and Swimming.